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Apr 24 Gail Shea Smacks Morrissey With a Seal Hunt Bat
She said that Morrissey’s words “reveal a total ignorance of the Canadian seal hunt.” The statement continued: Anyone who takes a careful look at the seal hunt will see that it is humane, sustainable, and well-regulated
Posted 24 April 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Apr 24 Drinking Flowers, Babies On Acid At The Echoplex, Monday April 21st 2014
Immediately, the tone of the evening was given, a very psychedelic ambiance with a lot of fuzziness, yes, dark and dense layers of fuzz wrapped around reverb and drone, filled up the place
Posted 24 April 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Apr 24 fun. “Point and Light” Reviewed
“Benson Hedges” is gorgeous. It’s way better than the one on the album and I could barely contain myself when I heard it. I instantly fangirled and wanted to dance around. It’s so well done and stunning and the harmonies are a hundred times better like this.
Posted 24 April 2014 by Mary Magpie  Add comment
Apr 24 Corners, Mystic Braves At The Echoplex, Monday April 21st 2014
The Mystic Braves’ music is not even close to punk, but whatever, people were showing their appreciation while having fun! The quintet effectively plays this awesome 60s-drenched surf-guitar music which sound like a trip to the south of the border revisited by the Doors
Posted 24 April 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Apr 24 Rodney Crowell’s “Tarpaper Sky” Reviewed
. While it doesn’t fit together as a theme or even as a presentiment of country, it does as a collection of strong songs from the same pen; a vision of a sound that will always have an audience.
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 24 The Lily Allen Interview… But Not With US
This would make a fun on going column, right? Helen Bach wrote one about Chrissie Hynde yesterday Some big time rock star gives a big interview but not to rock nyc? The list is almost endless
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 24 Arcade Fire Show The True Face Of EDM
What Arcade Fire did was prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. They showed how, indeed, Daft Punk could be and are and would be and might be anybody. It is the opposite of anybody can be a star, the new punk ethos appears to be nobody at all can be a star.
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 24 US Top 10 Singles, May 3rd, 2014
That run from DJ Snake to the end is the best I’ve seen in months and months and months, all of it is good and Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing” is one of his greatest moments ever. As pure and as perfect a pop song as you will ever hear plus? It isn’t connected at the hips with a dog as it is on the album
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 24 US Top 10 Albums May 3rd, 2014
I am enough of a pop fan to give big props to DeRulo and Pharrell, two of the best albums of the years may only have girls on the mind but who doesn’t only have girls on the mind and if all you want is to give props to the playas, do it this well and you’ll get no kick from me.
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 24 10 songs, Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Almost Was Good Enough – Bro.Stephens And Jim James – This is one of the best songs of the year, a melodic piece of deep depression dressed up like a dirge with an astounding guitar reslessling its way through it till it feed backs out and enters the solo – A
Posted 24 April 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Apr 23 Arcade Fire Take Over Los Angeles (And My Life) On Monday
You could win tickets by listening to Alt 98.7 all day. Great! Another opportunity for unemployed people who can listen to the radio all day long and spend the whole day hooked on the busy tone of their smart phone. This is nothing new, a lot of ‘secret show’ giveaways work this way
Posted 23 April 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Apr 23 Suicidal Tendencies’ “Slam City” Video Reviewed
Dated and old using ‘slam’ as its hook shows these guys are too old for new music. They’re out of touch. First off who the hell says ‘slam’ anymore anyway?
Posted 23 April 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Apr 23 Different Songs With The Same Name, Part II
As attentive readers know, the theme of this piece is great songs by different artists that share the same title. In the first article on this subject, we learned to “Walk Like a Man” with The Four Season and Bruce Springsteen (but forgot Grand Funk), we observed “Love Is All Around” from the Troggs and Joan Jett, and we were infatuated with “Starry Eyes” by The Records and Roky Erickson.
Posted 23 April 2014 by Steve Crawford  Add comment
Apr 23 Record Store Day, The New Opportunity To Make Money
If you go on eBay, you will find tons of items already on sale! The Cake 12” vinyl box set for $499.99 (original price $124.99), R.E.M. Unplugged RSD vinyl box set $499.99 (original price $89.98), Crosley Peanuts Cruiser turntable $299.99 (original price $119), LCD Soundsystem ‘The Long Goodbye’ 5LP Box set $235.24 (original price $129.98),
Posted 23 April 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Apr 23 “Imagine The Band,” A Mashup From Hell
The video helps of course, to take the edge off of it all but it not only is simply bad- its confusing. Since your brain can clearly point out the two songs it almost feels like you have too many windows open on your computer. There is no binding factor.
Posted 23 April 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment

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CBGBs Movie Trailer Here!

alternative CBGBs














Have you ever had a friend and then seem them in a movie? Like a big movie? I have a couple of times and it is always odd.


First Picture Off The CBGB’s Movie Set

The past is always close behind, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, and never more so than from this remarkable picture of Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop. No, wait a moment! An incredible simulation off the equal parts dreaded and loathed “CBGB’s: The Movie”.

Is it too early to say I hate CBGB’s The Movie? I think not and indeed I am happy and proud to begin the I hate the damn show movement without prevarication and doubt because. Well, lett’s start at the top here…

Malin Akerman? I LOVED her in “Watchmen”, actually I loved everybody in “Watchmen” . The young Swede is a good actress and attractive enough by normal standards, but by Debbie stardards? I just don’t see it folks, sorry.

As for Taylor Hawkins as Iggy Pop… he has a funky druggy looks down, but Taylor is a Cali boy, he is all laid back dumbness and he looks it. He looks like a sweet simple soul and that’s alright but not for Iggy Pop, the Detroit Wildman of rock who stuck on eyeliner and a codpiece only so he could sing louder.

Of course, the past is also far and close at the same time and the 1970s were ultimately a very cynical age. However CBGB’s play it they are honor bound to suck big time. For one thing, we all have our own memories of those years, and for another it was a difficult era in which to maintain your balance between rampant ego, rampant rampants and hardcore post-rock blathering.

Somebody should do a Lester Bangs movie, it would be a lot more fun than CBGBs. The problem with CBGBs is the huge chasm between what it thinks it was and what it was.  It thinks it was a serious artistic assault on rock and roll but if that is true it is true as a musical minimalistic rock and roll adhesive


Dropkick Murphy’s At Terminal 5, Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 Reviewed

"You're embarrassing yourself," Ken Casey mutters after an impromptu "Let's Go Rangers" cheer erupted at Terminal 5 during Dropkick Murphy's own personal St. Patrick's Day party. The Boston Celtic band and heir apparent to the Pogues crown as the best of the Irish rock bands do get on well with New Yorkers… but not about everything.